ToolsXperts is a set of utilities developed specifically for SOLIDWORKS and its products, by SolidXperts. These utilities allow you to perform several types of tasks such as serial export, serial printing, property management, processing of parts for cutting, etc.

The Options



CutXperts allows you to export DXF/DXG in 1:1 format of your parts to be cut. Processing can be started directly from a 3D assembly to process all parts, including multi-body parts. It uses only 3D information and does not require any drafting. The result is 2D entities placed on configurable layers. The name of the exported files can also be configured.



SaveXperts allows the export of SOLIDWORKS files to the most popular formats such as DXF, DWG, PDF, STEP, IGS, etc. It is also possible to process SOLIDWORKS files to, for example, modify their unit, and material, reload or replace the background, etc. Several actions can be performed for the same file in a single operation.



As the name suggests, PrintXperts allows you to print SOLIDWORKS drawings with automatic paper size recognition. This means that the printout of each size can be directed to the desired printer.



TasksXperts works in the background in SOLIDWORKS. It configures the actions it needs to perform, and that’s all! Whether it is to update properties, execute macros, or retrieve information from certain functions, TasksXperts is always there to help at the right time.



Companies that use welded construction will love this utility to optimize cuts. This tool compiles information from cut lists, and calculates the best layout to provide a list of beams to be used and the details of each cut.


Quantity Report

The Quantity Report allows you to obtain a complete list in Excel of all the components of an assembly, including solid bodies, directly from a 3D assembly. The reports are configurable, and it is even possible to merge certain information

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