Empowering the next generation of designers with a fully integrated engineering suite, local support, and users’ communities, plus all the resources academics need to harness the power of the world’s most widely used 3D design software

How would you use SOLIDWORKS?



SOLIDWORKS EDU empowers educators with comprehensive teaching resources and industry-standard design tools, enhancing their ability to deliver engaging and relevant STEM education.



SOLIDWORKS EDU provides students with hands-on access to industry-leading 3D design and engineering tools, preparing them for future career success and giving them a competitive advantage in the job market.



SOLIDWORKS EDU offers researchers advanced 3D modeling and simulation capabilities, enabling them to drive innovation, conduct experiments, and analyze results with precision.


Comprehensive Educational Suite

SOLIDWORKS EDU offers a comprehensive educational program that goes beyond software. It includes a fully integrated design and engineering analysis suite, supported by local resellers and a global network of mentors and potential employers.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

With SOLIDWORKS 3D Designer for Education, you and your students can collaborate in real time and manage projects on the cloud. It’s accessible from any device, including Macs, making learning flexible and convenient.

Industry Standard Software

Teach with confidence using the world’s most widely used 3D design software. Over 80% of the world’s top engineering and design schools trust SOLIDWORKS for their education programs.

STEAM Education Made Easy

Our suite of Apps for Kids introduces technology, reinforcing Design, Manufacturing, Art, Mechatronics, and Robotics principles through Project-Based Learning (PBL), all within one user-friendly interface.

Professional Development

As an educator, you can enhance your skills with over 600 professional training videos from MySolidWorks. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to master complex design challenges, we’ve got you covered.

Career Advancement

Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Educator and connect with local user groups. Boost your résumé and take your career to the next level while inspiring and shaping the creators of the future.

Empower Young Creators

SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids provide a creative, easy, and friendly environment for children to learn about design and engineering while having fun. Whether for individual use or in the classroom, these free apps foster imagination.

Help Your Students Build the Career of Their Dreams

SOLIDWORKS is the industry standard for 3D design, making it the ideal choice for building highly portable STEAM careers. Certified students will be better prepared to enter the next level of school, get a great job, or even build their own company.

Products for Educators

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition 

  • Harness the power of the complete SOLIDWORKS portfolio. 
  • Includes 3D mechanical CAD, design validation, simulation, data management, rendering, and more. 
  • The industry standard for 3D design is trusted by over 80% of top engineering and design schools. 

SOLIDWORKS 3D Designer for Education

  • Foster real-time collaboration. 
  • Manage all your students and projects on the cloud. 
  • Create, review, and evaluate 3D prismatic models. 
  • Design organic shapes with 3D Sculptor. 
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere. 

SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

  • An innovative suite of apps for children. 
  • Ideal for teaching Design, Manufacturing, Art, Mechatronics, and Robotics principles. 
  • Promotes project-based learning in a simple interface. 

Professional Development for Educators

  • Access over 600 professional training videos from MySolidWorks. 
  • Learn, master, and prepare for certification. 
  • Get support from your local reseller. 

Certified SOLIDWORKS Educator (CSE) Program

  • Boost your career by becoming a Certified SOLIDWORKS Educator. 
  • Connect with local user groups. 
  • Make a real impact on your students and your own career. 

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Empower Your Design and Engineering Dreams

Industry Standard

SOLIDWORKS is the gold standard in the design and engineering industry, used by professionals and companies worldwide.

Develop Essential Skills

Learn the skills that will set you apart from your peers, setting you up for success in your education and future career.

Flexible Options

Choose between cloud-based or desktop solutions, whichever suits your needs best.


Gain valuable certifications (CSWA and CSWP) to prove your expertise to potential employers. 

Learning Resources

Access an extensive library of training videos to master SOLIDWORKS at your own pace.

Student Competitions

Participate in real-world design challenges with SOLIDWORKS sponsorship for student teams.

Prove Your Expertise and Stand Out with Globally Recognized Certifications

SOLIDWORKS EDU for Students goes beyond just providing you with cutting-edge design and engineering tools. It also offers an opportunity to earn valuable certifications, which can significantly enhance your educational and career prospects. 

Products for Students

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students ($60 USD/year)

  • A suite of browser-based 3D apps accessible on any device. 
  • Certifications and learning content included. 
  • No installation required. 

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop ($99 USD/year)

SOLIDWORKS Student Access Program 

  • Get your own license to use on your own device, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. 
  • Find out today if your institution qualifies you for a free license. 

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SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Desktop
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Freeform Design
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3D CAD Design (desktop)
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