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Take advantage of advanced tools to create solid models of drive components and design virtually every type of CAM around your specific dynamic motion control parameters, with CAMNETICS software options.

The Camnetics Options



CamTrax64 lets you design solid models of virtually every type of CAM while including dynamic motion control parameters. In a few clicks, define all the necessary movements and realize higher-quality designs faster and more efficiently. 



Gain access to an easy-to-use tool for designing drive components, solid models. Create cylindrical and helical gear models, bevel gears, worm gears, sidewall splines, timing belt pulleys, chain sprockets, and synchronous pulleys in just a few seconds. GearTrax even allows you to immediately control the meshing impact of changes to your models. 



GearTeq offers designers and engineers advanced tools for creating solid models of drive components and assemblies. More than a library, GearTeq generates each part model following any specifically assigned requirements, in seconds. GearTeq even lets you work with multiple parts, assemblies, and more. 

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