Organize and exhibit larger, more complex data sets from a variety of data sources. 3DEXPERIENCE Netvibes enables organizations to gather and present Big Data and deliver information the way users want to receive it.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Netvibes Advantages

  • Gain valuable insights from the Industry Intelligence feature and stay ahead of the competition with agility in the current volatile social and economic arenas. Access, view, and analyze social mentions, international certifications, market or supplier databases, and more. 
  • The Sourcing and Standardization Intelligence feature make it easy to retrieve the right parts from your past and current projects. Standardize, pare down the catalog, reuse standard parts in your designs, and significantly improve bulk pricing negotiations. 
  • With the Project, the Intelligence feature automatically captures task status and KPIs from every team member providing a real-time reliable, single source of truth. Digital continuity and invisible governance transform your business from task-based to performance-driven program management.  
  • With the Manufacturing Intelligence feature, you will conclude that seeing is safer than guessing. Everyone knows that launching a new product is a calculated risk. But how calculated? You do not need a prototype to assess the viability and future maintenance issues. Set up a 3DEXPERIENCE twin, combining virtual and real-world data, and let us do the math again, and again… until everything works! 
  • And by leveraging its Asset Quality Intelligence, you will confirm your belief that poor quality never saves money: The cost of poor quality can reach up to 30% of revenue. But you can avoid this! This feature will enable you to efficiently manage early issue detection, corrective and preventive actions, and potential future issues, as even scattered quality-related data can now be easily aggregated, contextualized, and analyzed for you. You will love the virtuous cycle of continuous quality performance improvement! 

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