Power Surfacing

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Integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS, Power Surfacing is ideal for industrial design, freeform organic surfaces, and solids modeling. Quickly and easily design complex, aesthetically pleasing “Class A” surfaces by simply pushing and pulling on faces, edges, or vertices.


  • Subdivision surface creation and editing inside of SOLIDWORKS
  • Import Sub-D Meshes from Modo, 3ds Max, etc. 
  • Intuitive on-screen editing 
  • Dynamic Shape Editing through pushing and pulling on faces, edges, or vertices 
  • Supports downstream features like fillet, shell, cut, and extrude 


  • Easy to learn and use compared to traditional surface creation 
  • Design changes and editing after initial creation are fast and support the reapplication of SOLIDWORKS features 
  • Reduce design time for complex organic surfaces 
  • Drastically reduce editing time for complex organic surfaces 
  • Produces aesthetic surfaces 
  • Power Surfacing is fully compatible with SOLIDWORKS 

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