3DEXPERIENCE Simulia covers a range of advanced simulation needs including structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics, and electromagnetic field simulation for a truly multi-physics design approach.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Simulia Advantages

  • Connected to the cloud, SIMULIA maintains continuity with SOLIDWORKS data and workflows and reduces investments in hardware and IT infrastructure.
  • It’s powerful in that it allows you to conduct analyses with proven and scalable Abaqus technology and leverages implicit and explicit solvers for linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic events.
  • You can create high quality meshes and solve complex simulations such as drop test and impact and it is collaborative in nature, so you can share status and results with your team to make design decisions faster.
  • Gives you access to 3D simulation results from anywhere visualizing them with a web browser. You can save, manage, and iterate on your projects from any browser.

Which 3DEXPERIENCE Simulia application/role is right for you?


Structural Mecanics Engineer

Provides a comprehensive structural analysis solution for evaluating how your products will behave in real life guiding your engineering decision throughout your creation process:

  • For non-linear dynamic and static studies of high-speed events, drop tests, impacts, metal forming, random vibration and complex frequency analysis, low speed events, and more.
  • Its Explicit Dynamic Solver provides you the ability to evaluate different manufacturing scenarios.

Structural Designer

Easily assess product performance during design with the proven ABAQUS Solver Technology:

  • Enabling you to run linear static, natural frequency, buckling and steady-state thermal analyses intuitively during the product design process and get the technical insights you need for fast, accurate design decisions.

Structural Engineer

Ideal for static analysis and vibration performance of assemblies:

  • For linear static, thermal, frequency and linear buckling studies.
  • You can also run modal transient, and model harmonic studies
  • Create high-quality meshes for solids, shells, and beams

Structural Performance Engineer

Your product engineers will be able to assess the structural performance of their products in non-linear static and dynamic environments during the design process:

  • You will experience efficient what-if scenarios through seamless associativity integration with geometry
  • You will also accelerate your structural performance validation with a unique automated model for large assemblies
  • And you will be able to investigate product behavior for multiple scenarios with high-performance results visualization

Plastic Injection Engineer

Is an essential tool to help you validate and optimize injection-molded plastic parts and mold designs:

  • You will be able to use a guided workflow to set up and simulate the filing, packing, warpage, and mold cooling phases of the injection molding process
  • Your product designers can assess the manufacturability and quality aspects such as weld lines, sink marks, and air traps.

Fluid Dynamics Engineer

Avoid important manufacturing issues by performing fluid flow and heat transfer simulations:

  • Breaks comprehensive physics capabilities validated for a broad spectrum of industrial applications
  • Its design-centric guided interface lets you predict steady-state and long transient flow and thermal behavior

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