SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Real-time environmental assessments are integrated into your product design process so that you can achieve your sustainability goals while meeting industry-standard lifecycle criteria.

The SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Advantages

  • Leverage LCA criteria and the GaBi Environmental LCA Database within SOLIDWORKS Sustainability to generate feedback at a fraction of the time and cost of a typical assessment. Get an accurate representation of how different design approaches alter a product’s overall environmental impact. 
  • The Find Similar Materials tool helps to specify the engineering parameters that are critical to your design and search the SOLIDWORKS Sustainability material database for all materials that match those parameters to find alternative materials that match your engineering requirements. 
  • The SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Environmental Impact Dashboard gives you details of the environmental impacts of your design in real-time. The Dashboard tracks 4 key environmental indicators (carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impacts on the air, and impacts on the water) to continually assess environmental impacts as you design, helping you make important design decisions that save time, reduce costs, and improve your products. 
  • With SOLIDWORKS Sustainability you have clearly communicated sustainability information, design changes, and feedback to other teams, departments, and external partners. Rank, sort, and add color to your designs on any of the environmental indicators (carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impacts on the air, and impacts on water) and related sustainability parameters to pinpoint parts that contribute the greatest impacts. 
  • Screening-Level Life Cycle Assessment provides important environmental impact information during product design which streamlines the process if a full, ISO 14040-certified compliance review must be performed. 
  • Capture and communicate the results of your environmental impact assessments by automatically generating professional-quality sustainability reports that detail your product assumptions, the results of the Environmental Impact Dashboard, a hot-spot analysis of components in the assembly, as well as a comparison to the baseline design. 

Which SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

package is right for you?

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability


Get access to all the primary features and reporting capabilities so SOLIDWORKS Sustainability to step change your design process and tap into this important customer requirement of environmentally friendly products

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Enriched with more features and capabilities, this solution is your best option to save your company time and money and support you in making decisions that will ensure future environmental stability with the guidance of the life cycle assessment (LCA) process

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SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
Integrated into SOLIDWORKS Interface
LCA of Parts
Find Similar Material
Impact Factor Dashboard with Key Categories
Establish Baseline
Customizable Reports
Detailed Report for Parts
Baseline Comparison Report
LCA of Assemblies
SOLIDWORKS Configuration Support
"Use Phase" Energy
Specify Transportation Type
Report Includes BOM with Best/Worst Components
Assembly Visualization Support

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