By Pascale Brouillette – Data Management Specialist at SolidXperts

Conditional notifications can be used during a transition to notify different groups or users according to certain criteria:

– Types of documents

– Data card variables
These notifications can be sent in a predefined or dynamic way.
Here is the methodology for conditions according to SOLIDWORKS document types (file path):

1 – PDM Administration Tool > Work flow > Open :

2- Workflow Transition > Properties :

3- Notifications tab > Add Conditional Notification :

4 – Tab Recipients

– Add Users/Groups :
Select groups that must receive the notifications

– Add Variable :
You can use a data card variable as a notification trigger.

5 – Notifications tab > Notification Conditions

< Click here to add a condition >

– Variable
For the example: The file path

Value / For the example: enter the file path

– Comparison
For the example: Text equal to

The list of operators depends on your selection in the previous step

2D App / to approve drawings

3D App / to approve models

In the end, for this example, you will have two groups of notification recipients

6 – Test: A set of documents have been changed stated by a designer.

7 – Results: Notification Received by members of approved 3D & 2D groups.

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