Installation –

Admin Image types (option) Standard, Remote, Compressed

Remote – allows users to download image from internet / SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal instead of from company VPN

Compressed – smaller download, but must use full package at each service pack upgrade

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – new client or server specific installation options (easier for multi-user environments)

PDM – vault views can now be deployed as part of an Admin Image

Copy Settings wizardcan now adapt to System Options distributed and locked with Admin Image


User Interface –

New message bar pop-up at top of graphics window

Quick Copy utility for Measure tool – allows 1 click copy of values or values + units

Command Search now integrated in Shortcut toolbar (and can be directly added to toolbar)

Drawings saved to PDF can now include the sheet / paper color

Reference Geometry display and selection during Mate, Measure or Pattern.

While in the command hover mouse over faces or cylinders press [Q] to momentarily display reference geometry for selection.

Additional options for Component Tree display to show various combinations of Component Name, Description, Configuration, and Display State.


Sketching –

Linear sketch entity is now usable for direction reference in patterns

Sketch textnow works in patterns


Parts –

Coordinate systems – can be set with exact values in 3D space (independent of a geometry reference to select)

Coordinate systems – can be referenced or selected by its origin, an axis or plane

Cosmetic Threads – better display, retains proper depth and edge attachment

Draft Across Parting Lines – now draft can be applied in both directions from a parting line as 1 feature

External Threaded Stud Wizard – an extension of detailed Thread Feature that builds the stud with threads at 1 time

Hole Wizard Slots – dimension to arc center option added, hit [Tab] to rotate 90deg while placing feature.

Hybrid Modeling – allows mesh bodies (after BREP conversion) to be edited with surface features and combined with solid features

Segmented Mesh bodies – converted mesh bodies can have faces turned into classic BREP

Mirror about 2 planes – with 1 feature creation

Rotate Section View– around a hole or axis

Thickness Analysis – now offers Resolution control with Low, Med, High tessellation sizes


Model Display –

Performance improvement for 3D textures and silhouette edges


Sheet Metal –

Edge flanges on curves can now apply edit profile to limit the feature extents

Etched contours on bends (sketch text or split lines) retain display in flattened state


Structure System & Weldments –

Structure Systems now supports end caps

Custom Properties of older version weldments (2017 or earlier) can be upgraded to newer property architecture

Improvements in Complex Corner property manager

Ability for multiple secondary members (using between points, or up to member methods)

Connector Elements for Structure Systems now supported

Can include cut features as connector is placed.

ImprovedCustom Properties dialog for Structure Systems and Weldments bodies


Assemblies –

(x) Automatically optimize resolved mode, hide lightweight mode

Improves performance by letting system control lightweight use behind the scenes (behaves as resolved to the user)

Open Subassemblies in Different Mode– right click option to load subassembly as LDR or Resolved (independent of upper assembly current mode)

Exclude from BOM – custom configuration property for components

Configuration Table – Design Table functionality without needing the embedded Excel sheet  (file size / performance / no excel ???)

Section View – option toexclude failed componentsand still create section view

Assemblies and components with equations will auto resolveas needed, if loaded lightweight

Move with Triad– automatically appears when more than 1 component selected

AdditionalQuick Mates options on In Context Toolbar


Detailing & Drawings –

Alternate Position Viewsnow allow cropping

Predefined Drawing Viewsnow support trimetric, dimetric, or flat pattern types

Detailing Modeimprovements – available for any version file, Save model data and include standard views performance options added

Geometric Tolerance frames now build dynamically on screen 

Radius / Diameter dimension display toggle now on incontext bar for easier access

Sheet Metal flat pattern views can now show bend lines when sketch display is hidden

Handling of detailed cut lists within BOMtables is improved

Symmetric Linear Diameter Dimension is added 


Import / Export –

Performance improvements forimport of large DXF/DWG and STEP files

Ability to select specific IFC Entity types from the files for import

Assigned colors of entities properly support in DXF/DWG export



Improvements with Windows AD integration: additional user data fields, profile import, login validation tools

Improved configuration property managementand control

Archive Server and User log export capabilities added

Preview Tab now shows full eDrawings viewer controls

Performance improvementsfor file operations even when database has higher latency


Manage –

UI improvements for BOM, Project Properties, Process Tab and more

Additional user rights controls over check out of items

Replace User capability added

Performance improvements for BOM and Project display as well as PDM check in/out


Simulation –

Blended Curvature Based Mesher is now default for new studies

Bonded and Contactperformance improvements

Linkage Rod Connector item

Improved solver performance and automatic solver selection



Tools to set camera perspective to matchbackplate

Shadow catcher property can be assigned to scene elements

Scenes Tab UI improvements

Animations improvements for motion studies, key frames and more

Render Output Viewer – in project viewing, control, and management of renders

Pattern Tool – replaces and improves prior Formation function (Vee, Circle, Scatter, Grid)



Toolpath endpointscan be set for a custom color for easier viewing

Filter for Mill & Turn tools containing specified text string


Composer –

Ability to import SOLIDWORKS appearance decals

Import file versionextensions: ACIS up to 2021 , Creo 7, SOLIDWORKS 2022


Electrical –

Links in BOM cells – allows multiple items to reference 1 mfg part

PDF data file support for Project PDF exports (bind PDF function)

Multiple UI improvements

Attribute capability added to Origin & Destination arrows (shows mark of connected component)

Electrical Content Portalcan now be set as dockable panel in UI

Improved Connection Point creation


Inspection –

New API– auto open SOLIDWORKS files, Balloon drawings, create reports and more

Standalone now supportsall native SOLIDWORKS files and NX/Unigraphics *.prt files (MBE)

Smart Extract in standalone has improved recognition and parsing of PDF file content



HTML(5) exportoption on 3D PDF creation

Angle Dimension manual annotation for DimXpert added

Geometric Tolerancingimprovement including ANSI Y14.5 or ISO 1101 release selection


eDrawings –

Support for SOLIDWORKS custom file properties when saved as eDrawings files

Components list UIimprovements


Flow Simulation –

Scene Plot utility – stores all displayed plots and model display

Compare Tool improvements

Range Function – for handling of transient effects (such as power derating due to temperature calculation)

Flux Plot – now available within Transient Explorer


Plastics –

Symmetric & Cyclic Cavity and Runner Layout tools

Injection Location Advisor – based on part geometry software selects up to 4 recommended injection locations

Polymer materials data updates (using latest manufacturer properties)

SABIC, Polyplastics, Solvay Specialty Polymers, Radici Group, LANXESS

Improved UI of Plastics Manager Tree

4K and higher displayresolution support

Solver performance improvement – cooling calculation time reduced 34%, Fill & Pack reduced 60%


Routing –

Flatten Routeimprovements for horizontal selection, and line only output

Connector backshellsupport added

Replace Connectorcapability added – preserves line connection where possible  


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