With Visualize, anyone in your business can easily create stunning visual marketing assets and content from your existing CAD data, from right within your familiar SOLIDWORKS environment.

The SOLIDWORKS Visualize Advantages

  • Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Rendering leverages your GPUs, in a single machine or across a network, to dramatically increase rendering performance over CPU hardware. (We recommend NVIDIA graphics cards to render faster than competitor CPU technology and speed up your daily content creation workflows.) 
  • Artificial Intelligence Denoiser uses Artificial Intelligence to decipher and eliminate noise from your renders with a single checkbox. Render up to 10% faster! 
  • Physically Based Raytracing uses NVIDIA’s Iray render engine inside of it to allow users to view a precise and dimensionally correct representation of their CAD model as if they had physically produced it. Lighting, materials, and form all come together realistically without sacrificing visual quality. 
  • Work as you would in a photo studio, moving the camera around your product and easily taking pictures of your CAD data. Its interface, with an integrated viewport and its lack of complex node-based materials, is designed for those who do not have time to learn a complex new tool. 
  • No matter what CAD package you use to model your projects, SOLIDWORKS Visualize has them covered with support for more than 25 CAD file formats. 

Which SOLIDWORKS Visualize package is right for you?



SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is the fastest and easiest way to produce photo-quality images for taking “photos” of 3D data, cutting costs, and accelerating time-to-market with compelling imagery.



SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional lets you tell a deeper story with your CAD data by generating photo-quality imagery, interactive animations, 360-degree spins, immersive Virtual Reality (VR), and much more. Communicate the most complex design details with ease and beat your competition to market.


Visual Boost

it is an add-on product to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional that greatly increases render speeds and productivity by allowing it to send jobs to other machine(s), freeing up your computing resources for Visualize, CAD, or other demanding applications. Key features you will enjoy:  Increase Rendering Efficiency, Create and Manage your Render Farm, and Unleash the Raw Power of Super-feature PowerBoost which opens up new doors to interactive real-time raytracing for the best visualization experience

Need a detailed comparison for Visualize?

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Accelerated Rendering
Hybrid Render Mode
Physically-Based Raytracing
Intuitive User Interface
CAD and Graphic File Support
CAD Live-Update
Surface/Part Splitter
Interactive Depth of Field
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Denoiser
Advanced Material Support with NVIDIA MDL and PBR
Decals (Interactive Stickers)
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Automatic Data Recovery
XR Exporter for AR/VR experiences
Support for high-resolution displays (4K monitors and beyond)
Import SOLIDWORKS Animations and Motion Studies
Full Animation Suite
Animation Ribbon
Visualize Boost Support
PowerBoost Real-time Network Rendering
Browser-based Interactive Image and Panoramic Outputs
Customizable Photographic Camera Filters
Integrated Render Queue
New Area Lights and Light Placement
Create VR Content
Integrated Physics Engine
Vehicle Driving Simulator
Video Decals
IES Light Profiles

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