SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training Courses

SOLIDWORKS Electrical training courses provide the valuable knowledge and skills engineers need to increase productivity and design more efficient electrical systems.

Our SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, and additive manufacturing training courses are purposefully designed to improve your use of 3D technology, optimize your design processes, and offer engineers a productivity boost. Training with SolidXperts builds a strong knowledge foundation across your entire product development team to build, visualize, simulate, and manufacture 3D designs.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Schematic

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Schematic training course is designed to provide experienced electrical engineers with the tools and knowledge to effectively design, create, and maintain electrical schematics in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical environment. In this course, professionals learn to create schematic designs from scratch, add electrical components and wires, and manage complex electrical schematics. Participants become familiar with best practices for creating and maintaining electrical schematics, including how to create and modify terminals and bus bars, develop wiring diagrams, and create bills of materials. This comprehensive course provides students with the skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively produce 2D schematics in SOLIDWORKS.


Duration: 3 days (21h)


This training course will cover:


  •  SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects and project templates
  •  Electrical symbols and symbol properties
  •  Cable routes, electrical diagrams, and cabinet design
  •  Creating and adding macros

SOLIDWORKS Electrical: 3D

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D training module provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and processes of 3D electrical design. Students learn how to create data-rich 3D models of electrical components, use a range of advanced design tools to optimize designs and simulate electrical systems. The course also covers electrical schematics, harness design, cable routing, and panel layout. Participants learn to set up electrical project folders, create and manage schematics, and use the parts library. With the knowledge gained in this course, users will be able to efficiently and effectively design 3D electrical systems.


Duration: 1 day (7h)


This training course will cover:


  •  Designing electrical schematics within 3D models
  •  Creating and managing electrical connections
  •  Customizing templates and drawing formats
  •  Managing library parts

SOLIDWORKS Routing: Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Routing: Electrical is an advanced training module that teaches engineers and designers to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical routing tools to automate and streamline their 3D electrical designs. This course covers key concepts and tools needed to route electrical wiring and tubing in SOLIDWORKS including route creation and management, working with wires and tubes, routing in 3D, and routing process automation. Participants learn how to create, edit, and manage SOLIDWORKS Electrical routes and cables, critical routing components, and the design requirements of routing in sub-assemblies. At the conclusion of this course, participants will know how to use the advanced features of electrical routing tools to create more efficient designs.


Duration: 1 day (7h)


This training course will cover:


  •  Electrical system routing design principles
  •  Creating and managing electrical routes
  •  Troubleshooting electrical routing design errors
  •  Best practices for working with electrical systems

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