SOLIDXPERTS Training Courses

Taking a training course with SolidXperts can provide invaluable insights into the latest technologies and best practices, giving you the knowledge and confidence to use these new tools to empower your creative 3D journey.

Our SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, and additive manufacturing training courses are purposefully designed to improve your use of 3D technology, optimize your design processes, and offer engineers a productivity boost. Training with SolidXperts builds a strong knowledge foundation across your entire product development team to build, visualize, simulate, and manufacture 3D designs.

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SOLIDWORKS Performances

SOLIDWORKS Performance is an intensive, two-day course designed to help users maximize their productivity with SOLIDWORKS and reduce the time it takes to complete design tasks. The course will cover topics such as optimizing the user interface, working with large assemblies, and utilizing the SOLIDWORKS Performance Test. Participants will also learn how to set up their computers to get the best performance from SOLIDWORKS. The course is perfect for anyone who wants to become more efficient with SOLIDWORKS and save time in their design process.


Duration: 2 days (14h)


This training course will cover:


  • File size determination factors
  • Handling large assemblies
  • How to analyze SOLIDWORKS system parameters
  • File management best practices

CAD Administrators

SOLIDWORKS CAD Administrator training provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the tools, techniques, and processes for managing SOLIDWORKS CAD systems. This comprehensive course covers topics such as configuring SOLIDWORKS CAD systems, managing user access, setting up collaborative projects, and system security. Administrators will learn how to create and manage templates, manage library parts, and develop custom features and functionality. The course will also cover best practices for managing and maintaining data integrity, user-defined settings, and performance tuning. At the end of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage SOLIDWORKS CAD systems.


Duration: 2 days (14h)


This training course will cover:


  •  System requirements and settings
  • Network server maintenance
  • SOLIDWORKS installation, uninstallation, and update guides
  • System administration tools

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